Before Drilling:
Post Drilling:
During Drilling:
The Geological Building Blocks are the Foundation of our Prediction
From the Play concept and Lead to the PP -FP Predictions should go hand in hand with prospect generation.
> Lead and prospect evaluation for PP Prediction
> Build the geological blocks for the target objectives
> QC of Seismic Velocity and offset Wells data
> Build the Seismic - Pore - Frac pressures Transformation Model
> Establish the Casing seats, Mud weight and Safe DTW
> Forecast Seal intergrity and Compartmentalization
> Calculate the impact of Expected HC on the Drilling Tolerance Window
> Predict the Drilling challenges due to Geology along the bore-hole trajectory
> Finalize the PP - FP prediction P-D plot ahead of the drill bit.
> Calibrate and validate the pre-drilling model exponents using LDW/MWD.
> Calculate the actual reservoir (MPP) - seal (PPP) excess pressure
> Confirm and calibrate PP Transgression and Regression due to geological setting
> Recommend Safe Completion zones and their Limitations for Production
> Assess Sucess or Failure of the first Wildcat
> Appraise Vertical and Lateral Seals
> Evaluate the prospect's Remaining Exploration Potential
We believe a dry hole yields as much valuable exploration information as the discovery well.